Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 14, 2016 @ 11:11 pm
Credit: Universal

Haven’t you aways wanted a full-length Digital Short? If that’s been on your wish list ever since Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone started singing about being on a boat on SNL, then you’re in luck. The trio has their first ever movie coming out this summer, which is 100% a parody of the music industry, specifically, whatever Justin Bieber is doing in the music industry, SPECIFICALLY, his movie, Never Say Never. But the Lonely Island version is called, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, and yeah, like, that makes sense.

The movie stars Samberg as chart-topper Conner, who has a ridiculous entourage of people with him at all times. As he notes in the trailer, it takes a village to make him look dope. It’s also include a village full of celebrity cameos to certify this movie as 100% LOL-worthy. Judging from the two trailers released (the redband one is here, and very NSFW) we’re already laughing, and loving everyone who shows up quickly. In alphabetical order, here they are:

Adam Levine, playing a hologram

Credit: Universal

Bill Hader, playing a rodie who takes care of the guitars

Credit: Universal

Carrie Underwood, playing herself, who thinks Connor is “hot”

Credit: Universal

DJ Khaled, playing himself, noting that Connor is the future of the music industry

Credit: Universal

Joan Cusack, playing Connor’s mom

Credit: Universal

Martin Sheen, playing Connor’s nemesis, and this beef sounds exciting

Credit: Universal

Maya Rudolph, playing Connor’s corporate sponsor

Credit: Universal

Pink, playing Connor’s unicorn trainer, because naturally

Questlove, playing himself, who’s a big fan

Credit: Univesral

Sarah Silverman, playing Connor’s publicist

Credit: Universal

Simon Cowell, playing himself, and someone who probably would have X’ed Connor out on American Idol

Credit: Universal

Snoop Dog (um, Lion?), playing Connor’s “Dogg” Father

Credit: Universal

Tim Meadows, playing the guy who’s in charge of Connor’s payroll

Credit: Universal

Will Arnett, pretending to be TMZ’s Harvey Levin

Credit: Universal

Will Forte, playing Connor’s bagpiper

Credit: Universal

Usher, playing himself, and not someone who discovered Connor on YouTube

Credit: Universal

And you just KNOW there are going to be more when Popstar hits theaters on June 3rd. Never stop never stopping, everyone.