Credit: PEN

At HelloGiggles, we are no strangers to the struggles of striving for grown-up goals. That’s why we set out to help six aspiring adults live their best lives in our exciting new make-over series, Adulting 101. So excited to launch our first episode today!

26-year-old Ariana is an aspiring comedian who lives with her parents, prides herself on being a dry cleaning heiress and is struggling to meet her goals. With the guidance of Life Coach Tiffany Shaw, Professional Organizer Julianna Strickland and Comedy Coach Melinda Hill, Ariana may just be on her way to stardom.

Tune in for more throughout the week – from 29-year-old Ina, a struggling student and serial subletter, to 35-year-old Glen (who didn’t know how to put air in his tires), we’re excited to share the reality of what it means to be on the brink of adulthood in 2017!

Watch the series here!