Bridey Heing
Updated Mar 31, 2015 @ 4:48 pm

Oscar-winner and all around incredibly talented actress Helen Mirren visited The Tonight Show last night to talk to Jimmy Fallon about her Broadway turn in The Audience — a play in which Mirren plays Queen Elizabeth II. But amid all that royal fanfare, Jimmy made one simple request for their interview: Would Mirren be interested in giving us a sense of what her gorgeous British accent sounds like on helium?

Thankfully, she was more than happy to oblige! She was also pretty bashful and darling while doing the obliging which made us feel a lot of love feelings for her. “I haven’t done this since I was about 11,” she said.

Jimmy requested she say a few quirky British phrases, like “toad in the hole” and “spotted dick,” in addition to answering a few interview qs — but not too many, because they were both cracking up. She found the entire thing hilarious, and even gave an Oscar acceptance speech (clutching a stuffed animal as her trophy) in her helium voice. Love feelings.

Here’s the short segment in full. Pretty impossible not to full-heart them both.

Also before you go, we must gift you with one of our very favorite images of Helen Mirren ever.

Here she is back in 1969:

Is it possible she and Jennifer Lawrence are the same person?

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