The Dame’s gone done it again.

Ever wondered what your life might be like if Helen Mirren was your grandma? Of course you have. Don’t get it twisted — I love my grandmommy (yes, grandmommy). She makes an insanely gooey grilled cheese and refuses to leave the house without a fierce shade of lipstick. But she’s not much for risk-taking trends (see: pink hair dye) and her most damning expletive is “Oh my stars” (see: Mirren’s recent interview on the mistreatment of women in Hollywood).

In the aforementioned interview, everyone’s favorite sextiginarian sternly wagged her finger at former industry execs who laced their far-reaching powers with blatant, abhorrent sexism. Despite never having had children, Mirren knows exactly what she would have told her would-be daughter about trying to carve out a career in entertainment:

(“Oh my fathers!”)

Whereas I might think my grandmommy was having a stroke if she starting dropping f-bombs all willy-nilly, it seems as if Mirren’s colorful language is just another way she’s able to assert herself now in a way she once wasn’t. And even more importantly, she’s empowering other women to be bold in their own defenses.

(I’m not recommending you tell your a-hole boss to “f*** off,” by the way — just maybe like, don’t let him grab your butt or whatever.)

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