heidi and spencer pratt
Credit: Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

The fact that so, so many of her former The Hills costars are currently starting families is not lost on Heidi Montag Pratt.

The now 30-year-old, who has been married to Spencer Pratt for eight years — which, we know, holy crap — recently filmed a video for Faithwire, in which she addresses the fact that Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port are both currently pregnant.

…And believe it or not, what Montag Pratt had to say is actually very wise, and shows real growth and maturity since her days wreaking havoc on The Hills.

“It seems like 2017 is the year to get pregnant. A huge congratulations to my two former costars Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, who are both expecting,” Montag Pratt began. “I think that pregnancy and children are one of the biggest blessings that God gives us in our life; so congratulations! You are both going to be amazing moms.”

Montag then admitted that she and Pratt, who have been the subject of more than one fascinating “where are they now” profile piece over the past couple of years — spoiler alert, they’re living at Spencer’s dad’s beach house in Santa Barbara “in self-imposed exile from Los Angeles” — want to have a family, too, but it hasn’t yet worked out.

However, Montag Pratt is choosing not to torture herself by comparing herself to these other women (Audrina Patridge also had a daughter last year, while Kristen Cavallari has three kids with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler), who have taken much different paths from her own.

“Obviously I have been planning my own family, and I am very excited for them, and it stirs up excitement coming up in my life hopefully soon too,” Montag Pratt continued.

Whoa. Did Montag Pratt just drop an unexpected wisdom bomb on us right there? We’re pretty sure she did!

“We’re all different,” she continued. We all have different things going on, and different priorities, and different purposes in life.”

Damn. It’s nice to hear that Montag Pratt realizes this now, especially since being petty with these other women was sort of her bread and butter back in her Hollywood days. But a whole lot can change in a decade, and for Montag Pratt, it seems like 30 is going to be a whole lot brighter than 20.

“It’s great when other people get things, and I think it’s important to truly be happy for them and not to compare yourself,” she concluded.