Think about all the parties you had growing up. Some were great, some were not great, and some were just fine, right? Even though most of us may not have had a quinceañera — a party traditionally thrown for girls when they turn 15 in Latinx cultures — the parties do seem pretty fun. Big, puffy dresses, lots of food, and even more dancing. What could be better?

Well, we’re here to tell you what: A Harry Potter quinceañera, complete with robes, wands, golden snitches, and a fake dining hall. This may have been the most lit quinceañera ever.

Tania Dalai’s quinceañera looked so legit, it’s impressive.

Credit: Tania Meza

There was Platform 9 3/4, and even a poster where Tania’s face replaced Hermione’s. And let’s just say, the effort was incredibly convincing! Even Tania’s dress was on-theme: a princess-style burgundy piece with a matching black hooded cloak.

Credit: Tania Meza

In the above video, we see Tania walking along the tables of the banquet hall, which is set up to look like the dining hall in Harry Potter.

Credit: Tania Meza

Tania even took her look to the next level, wearing deep red and silver eye shadow with a matching pout. As for the boys? Well, they dressed up in robes, too, since Harry and Ron couldn’t make it.

Credit: Tania Meza

This looks like the dreamiest quince, and we wish we would could have attended. Of course, we would have pretended it was the Yule Ball.

Credit: Tania Meza

Even though we have FOMO, we’re glad this video exists to remind us that dreams do come true.