Jill Layton
April 23, 2016 9:41 am

People have really stepped up their game in the marriage proposal department lately, because it seems like every day, there’s a new video or pictures of the most epic proposal ever. And today is no exception.

Evan Onuskanych’s girlfriend of five years Kelsey Davis is a Harry Potter fanatic. So being the creative and super in love guy that he is, Onuskanych created a customized Marauder’s Map that told their entire love story. And of course led the most perfectly intricate Harry Potter proposal ever.

In case you need a quick refresher, the Marauder’s Map is a magical document that shows every hidden passageway of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, including the precise location of every single person on the grounds.

For Onuskanych, using the map was the most perfect way to propose to his Harry Potter-loving lady.

“I was thinking of different ways of proposing that were particularly unique to our relationship,” Evan told BuzzFeed. “Needless to say, I wasn’t very impressed with some of the more cliché methods of proposing. … After looking online for hours on end, I realized nothing like this really existed.”

Onuskanych thought of the idea after he visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter with Davis and was instantly converted into a fan of the franchise.

“The idea kind of just sprang into existence when I thought about the map knowing exactly where everyone is,” Evan said. “I used a template based off the original Marauder’s Map for the covers, but went custom from there. I wanted to make sure we were located on the map exactly in the spot I would propose.”

It took Onuskanych two days to draw, cut and laminate the pivotal locations in their relationship on the personalized Marauder’s Map.

“I broke it up into four major parts of our lives — where we met, our first memories, college, and the present,” Evan explained.

As for the actual wedding, Onuskanych says they’re likely going to incorporate some sort of subtle Harry Potter hints throughout. At this point, it would be pretty sacrilegious of they didn’t.

“If she had her way, the whole thing would be Harry Potter themed.”