Shaunna Murphy
Updated Feb 16, 2017 @ 4:34 pm

The current political climate in America has given us many, many reasons to want to move to Australia, but it’s this upcoming Harry Potter party in Melbourne that has finally tipped us over the edge.

The tickets are purchased. It’s happening. We’re headed to the land of Vegemite, shrimp on the barbie, and Hemsworth brothers, forever.

And once we’re there we’ll totally hit up Good Things bar in Melbourne, for having the good sense to transform (transfigure?) themselves into a Harry Potter pub called The Firewhisky Inn over the weekend. They did the same thing last year with great success, so they invited the same Harry Potter party company — yes, such a thing exists in Australia; the “Peeves Gang” has thrown massive birthday raves on July 31st and regularly creates pop-up Butterbeer bars — to return with more Firewhisky and Polyjuice Potion for non-teetotaling witches and wizards.

Based off party pictures uploaded to Facebook and Instagram from Peeves Gang’s past events, this weekend’s Firewhiskey event will be a party that cannot be missed. And tbqh, we’re feeling pretty down on the US of A for not inventing Harry Potter party planning groups first.

If you can’t make it to Australia, you can buy Firewhisky glasses and Polyjuice Potion bottles on the Peeves Gang’s website to make your own party at home.

The Peeves Gang even has photobooths, because damn if they haven’t figured out that the recipe for success is millennials + alcohol + Harry Potter + social media-shareable photo opps.

Is anyone else feeling inspired to throw their own HP-themed bash right now?

Never mind, we’d never be able to compete with the Peeves Gang.

Seriously, any southeastern Australians reading this better get their lucky butts to Good Things bar this weekend. We’re all living through you vicariously.