Emily Baines
December 11, 2016 8:19 am
Think Geek / www.thinkgeek.com

The holidays are fast approaching, which means many of us who put off our Christmas shopping are panicking. Well, if your friends are Harry Potter lovers, never fear! We have the greatest gift for any Harry Potter fan, wizard or muggle: It’s Harry Potter comforters!

That’s right. Now you can cuddle up under the comforter of an adorably warm Hufflepuff comforter while watching your favorite Harry Potter film or reading your favorite Harry Potter novel. And we thought the Deathly Hallows lampshade was cool! There’s seriously some cool Hogwarts swag out there, guys.

Just check out these amazing Harry Potter comforters!

1Gryffindor House Comforter

Think Geek / www.thinkgeek.com

We can totally fangirl out to images of Harry and Ginny cuddling under this comforter!

2Hufflepuff House Comforter

Think Geek / www.thinkgeek.com

What would Newt Scamander think of this sweet comforter? He’d approve, as long as he can keep some of his beloved beasts with him.

3Ravenclaw House Comforter

Think Geek / www.thinkgeek.com

You know, for the geniuses who don’t get out of bed to study.

4Slytherin House Comforter

Think Geek / www.thinkgeek.com

Imagining cuddling up warmly under this comforter with a Slytherin may be a stretch. But when we remember Snape… not all Slytherins are evil. Some are downright noble. So this could be pretty useful after all.

As Think Geek writes:

This sounds absolutely magical to us! Seriously, now we just wish we had four beds in our house, one for each comforter! Until then, we’ll have to finally come to terms with which house we truly feel we belong in.