Emily Baines
January 29, 2017 11:16 am
Warner Bros. Pictures

When legendary actor John Hurt died, the world mourned. After all, his body of work consists of over 200 films, many of which earned him awards. Yet, perhaps those who mourned the loudest were his Harry Potter fans. After all, millions continue to be touched by John Hurt’s fantastic portrayal of the greatest wandmaker in the world, Garrick Ollivander. He played the character with both gravitas and joy.

To show their appreciation for the great actor, Harry Potter fans paid tribute to the Ollivander actor in the most magical way possible. On Saturday, crowds gathered outside Ollivander’s shop at Universal Studios to honor his passing. Get your tissues ready.

Harry Potter fans lifted their wands for John Hurt outside Ollivander’s wand shop.

He will be missed.

That’s quite a crowd.

Ollivander was an integral part of Harry Potter’s life. First, he gave Harry his Phoenix feather wand. Secondly, he was one of the first to tease that Harry might be “connected” to Voldemort. (Remember, Voldemort received the exact same type of wand from Ollivander.) And Ollivander also taught Harry about the nature of wands, which would eventually lead to Harry’s realization that he was the true master of the Elder Wand.

Sir John Hurt, you will be missed.