In two short months, there’s going to be a second Wizarding World of Harry Potter here in the U. S. of A, and that’s absolutely magical. Along with the OG Wizarding World in sunny Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios, another is opening up at Universal Studios Hollywood. That means, no matter which coast you’re closest to, there will be a Hogwarts close to home.

But what about Diagon Alley? Right now, you can only find Diagon Alley (and the accompanying Gringotts rollercoaster) in Orlando. It’s not being built in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean it’ll never be built in Hollywood. Word on Knockturn Alley is that eventually, it will make its way to the West Coast, too.

Though there aren’t any official plans, and nothing has been announced whatsoever, numerous reports suggest Universal Studios Hollywood is slowly preparing to make Diagon Alley bi-coastal. The only problem is where to put it. If you’ve ever been to Universal Studios Hollywood, you know it’s nestled on the side of a hill, with an upper lot and a lower lot connected with a giant escalator. Plus, there’s the actual working NBC Universal Studio surrounding the area.

The new Wizarding World has been constructed at the top of the hill, and more than likely, Diagon Alley would go right next to it. Or it could go at the bottom of the hill, connected by way of Hogwarts Express (which is how the two parks are connected in Orlando, even though they reside in different parks). However, this is all logistical stuff for builders and planners and the people in charge of Wizarding World to figure out. We just want to visit it right now.

Obviously, nothing is going to happen until the first part of the Wizarding World opens up (on April 16!). Then, we can only imagine it will be a smashing success, and Universal will want to build more and more. There’s also nothing that says an expansion has to be Diagon Alley. Could you imagine The Burrow being built instead? Or the Ministry of Magic? What about even the brand new American Wizarding school, Ilvermorny? Honestly, whatever they build next, we’ll carve out some vacation time to visit.