Guys, can you believe the amazing Julie Andrews turns 80 today? Neither can we, but 80 she is, and somehow, with every year, she gets better and better.

In the past 80 years, Julie has won countless awards for her singing, acting, and performing. She’s even become the Dame Commander of the British Empire. And on top of all of her massive achievements, Julie has brightened our worlds and made our lives better just by being Julie freakin’ Andrews. She has carved a place in the world’s collective heart, and on her birthday, we want to commemorate just a few of our fave Julie moments.

Here are a few times that her radiance made our hearts swell with happiness (and made the hills come alive.).

When she was a total badass in Victor Victoria.

And, of course, when she was a badass nanny.

And a badass queen.

Any time she sang, ever.

No one’s voice gets us right in the feels like Julie’s.

When she hugged a star-struck Lady Gaga.

Though Julie may be the ultimate goddess of song, Lady Gaga knocked everyone off their feet with a stunning cover of “The Hills Are Alive” at this year’s Oscars — and Julie was so happy and it made US so happy and AHHH.

When she pretty much defined the word “queen” while ruling Genovia.

And gave us the perfect response to “Why are you so late?” every single time:

Her perfectly perfect portrayal of Mary Poppins.

How does she make every single thing look so darn classy?!

When, even now, she can still get this crazy-long-and-entirely-made-up word stuck in our head in literally a second:

Any time she temporarily lost her regal composure and got super excited (yet was still regal about it, somehow):

Happy birthday, Julie. You will always be our queen for life. Thank you for making us smile.

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