Happy 52nd birthday, President Obama! I hope you are celebrating and having fun!

P.S. I forgive you for not inviting me to your birthday party.

Here are 5 Things I Hope President Obama is Doing for His Birthday

1. Get a free Grand Slam from Denny’s.

Honestly, it’s such a nice birthday treat. Just do it. Treat yourself, Mr. President.

2. Have a sleepover with his best friends.

Jay-Z and Beyonce would be there. How fun would that be?!

3. Get a Best Buy gift card from his uncle (as usual!)

Come on, Uncle Mike. Let’s get a little more creative with our gifts.

4. Have a nice meal with Michelle and the kids.

Life has just been so busy lately. Sometimes you just want to have a nice meal with the family at a place that doesn’t serve chicken fingers,

5. Checks Facebook to see which of his friends are wishing him a happy birthday.

We all do it. Let’s just admit it.

Image via ShutterStock.