Emily Baines
December 18, 2016 7:14 am
Mashable / mashable.com

As if we weren’t obsessed enough with all things Star Wars! We now have a new Star Wars obsession: Hamster Wars. The folks over at the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven along with the creatives at Mashable have totally made what was already an awesome Star Wars weekend (Rogue One premiered, after all). And the results are adorable. Though, it was seriously only a matter of time: after all, these were the creative minds behind the hamster Harry Potter.

Below, enjoy Star Wars, but with hamsters!

We have no idea what inspired this awwww-inspiring creation, but we love it! And the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven even shared some mesmerizing “behind the scenes” photos for us on their Facebook.

Those sets are pretty darn impressive, you must admit. And fun videos like this raise awareness for a good cause: hamster adoption! After all, we think about rescuing cats and dogs, but there are plenty of other (smaller) animals that need homes, too.

Now we’re just trying to figure out what other movies these adorable creatures should reenact. We’d love to see some hamsters trying to do some classic 1980’s films, like The Breakfast Club. Or maybe some science-fiction, a la The Matrix? Who do we pitch this brilliant idea to? Is there a production studio run by mice? We’d like a meeting. We’ll bring the cheese.