Sammy Nickalls
May 26, 2016 5:17 am

What do you get when you combine the bloodthirsty tales of Westeros with everyone’s favorite Broadway show? #HamOfThrones, obviously. The mashup has been taking Twitter by storm, filling our timelines with singing Jon Snows and rapping Daeneryses, and it’s everything we could have needed and more.

It all started with Hamilton star and creator Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s genius, because he’s obviously got an unlimited supply of that. “He’s very attractive in the North,” Lin-Manuel tweeted with a picture of Jon Snow and the hashtags #HamofThrones #HasThisBeenDone.

Yes, he *is* very attractive in the North. And, of course, this led Hamilton and Game of Thrones fans to come up with mashup tweets of their own.

Littlefinger *does* have a lot in common with Alexander Hamilton. . .

Oh, and George R. R. Martin isn’t just George. . . he’s King George, thank you very much.

And the tweets kept comin’ and comin’, making the case that there should seriously be an actual mashup, TBH.

The whole thing was turned up a notch when Hamilton‘s orchestrator and musical director, Alex Lacamoire, composed a little diddy that mashes up “Burn” and the GoT theme, and surprise surprise — they go perfectly together.

OK, so since #HamOfThrones is obviously gold, can we please, please make an IRL mashup happen? Please and thank you.