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Halsey made a splash with her debut album Badlands in 2015, and she isn’t slowing her roll for album number two. Hopeless Fountain Kingdom appears to be as deep in concept, with Halsey sending special fans a stylized newspaper:

But there’s an easter egg in the newspaper. Halsey nestled in the full tracklist for the album, and she has some special guests on deck. One of them is none other than Fifty Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui, for the song “Strangers.”

This collaboration is one of those absolutely perfect match-ups, and not just because they both can sing. Jauregui and Halsey are two of pop’s most outspoken LGBTQ+ figures, and they’re clearly quite chuffed about the collab:

Fans, naturally, are freaking out about the prospect of her and Jauregui working together: false


Other Halsey collaborations include Migos’s Quavo and producer Cashmere Cat.

Halsey doesn’t really have a track record of collaborating with many people. Badlands didn’t have any features, but she’s since branched out into the collab world. We of course remember “The Feeling,” with Justin Bieber, and The Chainsmokers’s unmissable “Closer.” Both times, Halsey shared equal space with her collaborator. If we look to those collabs as precedent, we’re going to be hearing a lot of Jauregui on the track — just as we like it.

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom drops on June 2, so set your calendars. We’ll be tuning in.