Teri Wilson
October 31, 2015 8:07 am

Halloween is here, you guys! And as much as we love noshing on candy (all of the yes!) and dressing up as zombies and super heroes, one of the underrated joys of Halloween is getting on our devices and peeping at celebrity costumes. Because let’s face it. When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are some celebrities who know how to BRING IT. (We’re looking at you, Beyoncé. Because yes, we’re still swooning over your Storm costume and will be until the end of time.)

There’s just something about seeing our fave actress or actor in a completely new and unexpected way that gives us eternal heart eyes, doesn’t it? Like the time in 2012 when Zac Efron dressed as Lt. Dangle from Reno 911.  (Laughing forever. And ever and ever.)


Or the time Nina Dobrev totally SLAYED as our favorite Gryffindor goddess, Hermione Granger. (With Harry Potter and Ron Weasley in tow. Natch.)

We especially love it when celebrities blow our minds by dressing as OTHER celebs. (Because we all have an inner fangirl, amirite?) Kate Perry as Freddie Mercury? Yes. Yes, please.

And how could we forget Nicole Richie in 2011 as Jennifer Lopez in all her velour Juicy sweatsuited glory?

Or Chord Overstreet as Brad Pitt in those mystifying Chanel No. 5 commercials?

Also on our list of faves…when the stars take on Disney! I mean, Gwen Stefani looks like a totally perfect Disney princess on any day of the week as it is, but when she puts on a Cinderella gown like she did in 2011, our princess-loving hearts explode.

Channing Tatum as Winnie the Pooh? Aw, hunny.

Let’s not forget the Disney villains. Check out Iggy Azaela as Cruella DeVil in 2013. She’s so legit that even her poor Dalmatian looks terrified.

Another costume twist that we’re obsessed with is when beautiful celebs don’t feel the need to go the “sexy” route. I mean, seriously. How could someone like Sofia Vergara look any more gorgeous than she already does on a daily basis? Nope, not happening. It’s literally impossible. So in 2011, what did she do instead? She went as an angry bird! (And TBH she still looked amaze.)

We also dig it when celebs recruit their families to complete their Halloween look. Neil Patrick Harris and fam RULE when it comes to the ensemble costume. Like the time they were straight out of the Batman comic  pages:

Basically, their costumes are always A+:

  But we have to say, if anyone can give them a run for their money, it’s Alyssa Milano’s family. After all, they’ve got The Force on their side. (At least they did in 2013.)

Of all the celebrities on the entire planet, though, there’s one who is the undisputed QUEEN of Halloween. That person is the one and only Halloween-loving Heidi Klum. For sixteen years in a row, she’s hosted a big costume bash in NYC. It’s pretty much the most anticipated Halloween event on the entire East Coast (if not the whole universe itself). Guests get swanky gift bags and sip on signature cocktails like Red Hellitinis, but the biggest treat is seeing how Heidi transforms herself. Here’s a peek at a few of her costumes from years past:

We can’t wait to see what kind of costume Heidi is going to rock this year. Your guess is as good as ours! It’s sure to be a treat.

Or possibly, a trick.

Happy celebrity Halloween!


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