Credit: NBC Universal

Unless you were living under a rock the past week you’ve probably heard of the Mannequin Challenge.

But in case you missed it, the Mannequin Challenge is a phenomenon taking over the country. Basically how it works is participants hold a pose for an indefinite period of time as someone else documents the frozen scene. The videos are becoming increasingly elaborate — even Michelle Obama did a Mannequin Challenge with the Cleveland Cavaliers during the team’s visit to White House this week — and the latest one gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the upcoming Hairspray Live!.

We have to say, it’s very impressive, even for a Mannequin Challenge vid

In the short video, viewers can watch cast and crew prepping the cast for a dress rehearsal. Of course, it just HAS to be for “You Can’t Stop the Beat.” Among the first we see is Maddie Baillio, who plays lead character Tracy Turnblad, having her hair done. Obviously, there’s hair-spraying happening. A few moments later Dove Cameron and Garrett Clayton appear in dancing positions against an amazing glitter backdrop.

This Mannequin Challenge is so intense, there are parts we don’t even understand. Like the falling paper! But the best part is the last ten seconds when the cast comes to life for a quick dance. You can watch the full video here:

Hairspray Live comes out December 7th, and if it’s anything like Peter Pan Live! and The Sound of Music Live!, we can’t wait to tune in.