Rachel Paige
Updated Jan 13, 2015 @ 2:53 pm

If there’s one thing we can unanimously agree on, it’s that we love YA adaptations. From Hunger Games to If I Stay to John Green’s YA empire, everything about having your favorite book turned into a movie is kinda magical. If you want to take that magic up a step, and make it something even more celestial, make sure that YA book was written by a female author, hire a female director and writer to adapt it into a movie, oh, and also cast Hailee Steinfeld in the starring role. This is happening, you guys.

Hailee — of True Grit and future Pitch Perfect fame — has just been cast as the lead in Carrie Pilby, an adaptation of the 2003 YA book by Caren Lissner. If you’re unfamiliar with the story, here’s the quick gist: Carrie is a super genius at 19 years old and has just graduated from Harvard with basically zero social skills. She seeks out the help of a therapist who suggests she try and put herself out there more by going on blind dates and to parties (which, as we know first hand, are terrifying but total life building experiences). Obviously, along the way she meets a rich cast of characters and Carrie even finally finds herself. One awesome YA book? Check.

That premise and star alone would be enough to get us jazzed. Now add on a lady director, Susan Johnson (who has so far only produced), and a lady writer, Kara Holden (who wrote Disney Channel Original movie, Zapped). Also, two female producers, Suzanne Farwell and Susan Cartsonis. And don’t forget the fact that it’s a book by a female author about a female protagonist and one of our new favorite females, Hailee, is the star. This is basically the perfect recipe for success. A thousand more of these, please.

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