Credit: NBC

Turns out you should NOT bring your Sephora haul anywhere near Jimmy Fallon.

Gwyneth Paltrow went on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new Goop skin-care line by Juice Beauty, and left having eaten some moisturizer. Did she even see that coming?

It started simply enough. Everyone knows the healthy living mogul touts a clean lifestyle on her website, Goop, including food cleanses and natural products, so it’s no surprise that she channeled the same aesthetic in her organic beauty line.

“You know I’m very into healthy food and wellness and stuff like that, and I think this is an extension of trying to eat well,” Gwyneth told Jimmy, who then slyly brought up the fact that the products contain food preservatives.

“All the preservatives are…organic food-grade, so you could eat it technically, if you wanted to,” Gwyneth responded.

You know what comes next. Jimmy protracts a sleeve of what appear to be McDonald’s french fries, and Gwyneth uncaps one of her creamy white substances (possibly the night cream?) to serve as a dipping sauce, and they both dig in—mmm.

Jimmy comments on the light fragrance, to which Gwyneth responds, “Somewhere between ranch and bath soap.” Gotta love that girl’s sense of humor.

If you’re interested in tasting testing the line for yourself, the products range from $90–140 and can be purchased on the Goop website.

Watch the snack-down happen here: