Elizabeth Entenman
May 16, 2016 12:15 pm
Getty Images/Charley Gallay

Even though Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t on our list of Relatable Celebs, sometimes the actress and entrepreneur surprises us. Like yesterday, when she took her kids to Disneyland and posted an Instagram that proves she’s ~just like us~ (sometimes).

Gwyneth and her uncoupled ex Chris Martin spent the day together at Disneyland for their daughter Apple’s 12th birthday. And she admitted on Instagram that she just can’t handle Thunder Mountain anymore. We totally feel her on that. It’s a scary (or at least, very very fast) ride. Paltrow captioned the Insta, “When you parents can’t handle #thundermountain anymore so they wait for you at the bottom.”

Gwyneth also posted a few other pics celebrating Apple’s b-day, like this cute throwback to her second birthday.

And here’s one of Apple’s birthday #squad. Yes, that is Blue Ivy Carter!

Even though they aren’t a couple anymore, Gwyneth and Chris are still a dynamite parenting team, and doing an amazing job raising their kids together. Even if they just don’t have it in them to handle Thunder Mountain anymore.