Alim Kheraj
November 25, 2016 1:40 am

We’ve seen people get pretty creative with Snapchat before, but this guy who re-created iconic Disney moments using Snapchat filters is actually incredible.

We love seeing fan art, especially when it comes to all things Disney. We love how creative people get, whether it’s these beautifully moody silhouettes, people painting their hands, incredible Disney latte art, or the multitude of Disney princesses re-imagined as something else. Basically, anything Disney we totally obsess over, which, tbh, is to be expected.

Now someone has imagined famous Disney scenes using Snapchat filters, and we have to say the results are pretty amazing.

Twitter user @ivanmoomoo shared a short video on Wednesday (November 23rd) of his work, and we’re actually blown away.

Firstly he re-created Pocahontas


Then he brought Mulan to life.


We can’t get enough if Belle from Beauty and the Beast.


Elsa from Frozen is giving us LIFE.


We think that The Lion King one might be our actual favorite, though.


Omg, and Aladdin is just too good.


Ivanmoomoo also drew scenes from Up, Tarzan, Peter Pan, and Mary Poppins. Basically the whole thing is pretty incredible.

Watch the compilation of all the Snapchat videos below and get your Disney life!


Speaking to FreshU, Ivanmoomoo said that he was just inspired by Snapchats new filters.

The tweet has now been shared over 140,000 times, something that Ivanmoomoo wasn’t expecting.

Despite the tweet being ripped and uploaded on to other accounts (it even got watermarked as someone else’s work on Instagram), Ivanmoomoo still wants to be an illustrator. In fact, he’d love to work for Disney.

Tbh, with skills like this we wouldn’t be surprised if we see Ivanmoomoo working at Disney very soon.