Crystal Ro
Updated May 26, 2016 9:46 am
Turps /

In a troll to end all trolls, popular YouTuber and gaming aficionado, Mark Turpin (aka “Turps”) re-broke our Hodor-loving-hearts. (But in a totally fun way, so it’s okay.)

In the viral video, we see Turps rush out of the UK premiere for the Warcraft movie to catch the “last” elevator.

But of course, there was only ONE PERSON in the entire world who would hold it for him.

That’s right, everyone’s beloved door holder Hodor, err, Kristian Nairn (who by the way is a major WoW enthusiast) literally did just that for Turps.

Not that Turps ended up getting in the elevator. SHEESH!

Although he did say in his comments, “Thanks to Kristian ‘Hodor’ Nairn for being such a legend!” And we couldn’t agree more!