From now on when you’re looking for new drinkware, don’t go to Target or Ikea. Instead, go to Disneyland.

This past weekend, Disneyland’s newest attraction at California Adventure, Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission — BREAKOUT, opened to rave reviews and ridiculous wait times. Those looking to quench their thirst between rides (and/or meeting Groot himself) were able to snag a pretty perfect Groot-inspired cup.

Sadly, it’s not Baby Groot, but one can dream. Instead, it’s a “potted Groot” cup, with a ‘lil dancing potted Groot sitting right on top.

It’s adorable. We’re going to need 500 of them.

The cup — which is simply called the “I Am Groot” sipper — sells for 12.99 in Hollywood Land in California Adventure. It comes with your choice of soft drink (tbh, a bonus) and even though we want to buy 500 of them, we can only buy two. Makes sense; save some for everyone else, you know? You remember how fast those Beauty and the Beast rose tumblers went, RIGHT?

Unlike the enchanted rose cups, it does not appear that anyone has (so far) waited upwards of five hours in line to snag a Groot cup. The five hour wait times seem to be reserved solely for the new Guardians ride and hey, at least you’ll have your new Groot cup with you while you wait in line.

The Groot cup won’t be around all summer, so if you NEED one, better make your way over to Disneyland ASAP (you can also snag one at Disney’s Hollywood Studios down in Florida). Sweet dancing tunes, not included.