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While Grimes may be known more for her magnetically weird pop music, she’s also a fierce advocate for gender equality beyond the performing stage. Though she, like many female artists, provides the voice for her music, she’s also a producer and songwriter who helps signal boost other female musical acts. (Her adoration of singer HANA brought her to music publications’ attention.)

With her emphasis on meaningful artistic collaboration and support, Grimes is the kind of person who should start her own record label — and while she hasn’t done that, she has announced the existence of a new artist co-operative, titled

In a post on her Tumblr, Grimes shares that she and presumably some music world friends started Eerie as a way to support and release music they think is that potent mixture of important and good. Their first project: Natural Born Losers, an album from an artist named Nicole Dollanganger.

While Dollanger’s album doesn’t come out until later, its closer, “You’re So Cool,” is already available for streaming. So, who is this mysterious artist being taken under Grimes’ wing?

Dollanganger’s been releasing music on her Bandcamp page since 2013, including several Marilyn Manson covers and a tribute album to Welcome to the Dollhouse’s Dawn Wiener. It’s easy to see why Grimes is drawn to her music — “You’re So Cool” has dark undertones to its surface-level sweetness, and the tune’s lyrical content is reminiscent of Grimes’ recent touring partner Lana Del Rey. We’ll have to see what Eerie Org comes up with next, but until then, we can listen to this to our heart’s delight:

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