Alim Kheraj
September 20, 2016 4:09 am
Richard Cartwright/ABC via Getty Images

We can’t believe that finally after what feels like forever Grey’s Anatomy is back this Thursday on ABC. And, after watching the promo for season 13, things look like they’re going to be explosive right from the start.

However, what should be a joyous time for the show’s cast (we mean 13 seasons is A LOT) has been somewhat marred for one particular cast member due to some unnecessary mixups.

Kelly McCreary, who plays Dr Maggie Pierce on the ABC medical drama, was in attendance at EW‘s Pre-Emmy’s party on Friday night (September 16th). After the event, McCreary went online to see if she could spot any pictures of herself from the party. However, the actress couldn’t find any.

Instead, McCreary found photos of herself tagged as her co-star Jerrika Hinton, who plays Dr Stephanie Edwards.

The similarities between the two actors? They’re both people of color.


Taking to Instagram, McCreary decided to address the issue.

Kelly McCreary and her cast mate Jerrika Hinton together at the People's Choice Awards
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The People's Choice Awards

McCreary went on to explain why she knew that she’d find her photos tagged as her co-star Hinton.

McCreary, who looked stunning btw, went on to say that for marginalized people, life could be “noisy and draining” before going on to make a PSA:

As McCreary states, her comments echo those sentiments made by her character Maggie Pierce in the last season of Grey’s Anatomy about checking privilege.

As McCreary says, people need to do better. We totally respect her for speaking up on this issue and couldn’t agree more.

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday, September 22nd at 8/7c