Carly Lane
Updated May 11, 2015 @ 11:01 am

Cast reunions are quite possibly one of our favorite things. They’re a chance for us to reminisce about some of our favorite TV shows and movies, and they remind us how much we loved those incredibly special characters in the first place. But the best part? They’re a sign that everyone’s still friends long after the chapter has ended on the time they worked together.

Greek may have ended four years ago, but we’re still holding onto all the memories we formed with the characters from the fictional Cyprus-Rhodes University — and it looks like the stars of the show are finding ways to make new ones together all the time. In a series of videos posted to his personal Instagram account earlier this week, Scott Michael Foster (who played CAPPIE . . . swoon . . . during the show’s run) joined together with co-stars Jacob Zachar (Rusty Cartwright) and Paul James (Calvin Owens) to do a little lipsynching to Toto’s “Africa,” courtesy of a little app called Dubsmash (watch the video here):

It’s not the first time the Greek cast has gotten back together for some hang time. Back in March, they even joined up with another former fictional frat bro Jake McDornan (who played Evan Chambers), and all posed for a selfie to show that their bromance is still going strong.

If you dig around SMF’s Instagram you’ll find a few more reunion nuggets. We’ll let you go on that little treasure hunt yourself because it’s pretty epic.

Here’s our proposal, Greek cast: A reunion episode. We’re imagining a “Where are they now?” special with the premise being that the whole crew comes back together on campus for their fifth college reunion. Given the fact that everyone seems to be buds IRL, we can probably get them on board, right?

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