Sophia Elias
February 08, 2015 6:00 am

After some primping, priming and a little bit of vacuuming, the red carpet is finally prepared to endure the pain of a hundred stabbing stilettos. Aaah yes — tonight is the 57th Annual Grammy Awards and we are pumped, and already prepping the popcorn.

We’ve had our ears pressed to the Internet all week, gleaning as much Grammy-related info as possible and finally caught a break with the announcement of a few of the star-studded performances. Now, with our anticipation through-the-roof, and the countdown clock officially on, we think it’s time to complete our Grammy vision board. So far, it looks pretty spectacular. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few things you ought to look out for at the Grammys tonight:

Katy Perry might make us cry

Katy isn’t giving us any time to catch our breath. I mean, to her credit, we’re still coming down off of Left Shark. But after that record-breaking Super Bowl performance, Katy now plans on making all of us cry with her emotional ballad, “By The Grace Of God.” She’ll be accompanied on stage by domestic violence survivor Brooke Axtell who will be performing a spoken word piece about her experience.

Beyoncé will be going gospel

It wouldn’t be the Grammy Awards without a performance from Queen B. Beyoncé will first be hitting the stage solo, performing the gospel standard, “Take My Hand Precious Lord.” She’ll then be accompanied by John Legend and Common to perform “Glory” off of the Selma soundtrack. I’m no psychic but something tells me this performance is gonna be an incredible Grammy moment.

Sia may very well steal our hearts

Even if Sia doesn’t bring home any awards on Sunday night, she’s most definitely bringing home our bleeding hearts. So far, the details of her performance have been kept under wraps, which makes us all the more curious. Sia’s known for turning her back to the audience and using other artistic elements to carry her songs. If that’s the case on Sunday night, we can’t help but wonder whether Maddie Ziegler will be on stage with her. Maybe Shia will make an appearance? One thing is for certain — it’s gonna be memorable!

Kanye’s going all in

After a six-year hiatus, Kanye is back in full force with not one, but two performances on deck. His first is reportedly a “never-before-seen solo performance,” (which sounds awfully exciting). In his second performance, he’ll be joined by Rihanna and Paul McCartney for their latest collaboration, “FourFiveSeconds.”

Madonna’s gonna hit us with some new stuff

It’s only been a year since Madonna lit up the Grammy stage with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, but man, we’ve missed her! This time around, we’re thinking she’s gonna be showcasing some fresh new content. After all, her newest single, “Living for Love” is set to officially begin its promotion in the United States just two days after the Grammys (talk about good publicity). Her forthcoming album, Rebel Heart, is due March 10.

There will be duets up the wazoo

This is the Grammy Awards of unlikely pairings . . . and we’re totally into it. Mary J. Blige and Sam Smith are probably gonna blow the windows out (really, it should be a safety concern). Coldplay’s Chris Martin will be a complimentary partner to the charmingly monotone Beck. Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani will bring the superstar pop power to the stage (and a few Voice flashbacks). Powerhouse Jesse J will be kicking it old school with Tom Jones (please sing “It’s Not Unsual”). The legendary Annie Lennox will be joining forces with “Take Me To Church” newcomer, Hozier. And finally, Brandy Clark and Dwight Yoakam will be bringing some much-needed country jams to the floor. Yes . . . all of those are duets. Re-read if you need to.

We will witness the most eclectic collaboration of all time

Where else do you see Ed Sheeran, Questlove, Herbie Hancock and John Mayer sharing a stage? Yes this is happening. I’m so curious to see which song(s) they’ll be performing. I’m thinking there’s gonna be some bluesy crossover vibes? But then again, it’s the Grammys — you can’t be too sure of anything. Anybody else wanna take a stab at this?

I’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about on Monday. Catch the Grammys with us tonight at 8:00 (EST) on CBS! Yes’m.

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