Briana Hansen
Updated Aug 31, 2016 @ 12:36 pm
America's Got Talent - Season 11
Credit: Trae Patton/Getty Images

Grace VanderWaal has been wowing us ever since she first burst onto the musical scene on America’s Got Talent with her absolutely charming original songs, an infectiously bright smile, and a powerful voice. And her latest spectacularly beautiful song, “Light the Sky” has blown us away yet again.

“Light the Sky” delivers everything we’ve come to expect from the tween singer: A gorgeous and catchy medley mixed with uplifting lyrics featuring little more than her ukulele, powerful voice, and incredible charisma.

Despite the fact that she’s only 12-years-old, Grace time and time again captures a feeling way beyond her years that people everywhere identify with.

With lyrics like “We’re not the same and we don’t have to try” and “We’re brighter than fireflies, we’re gonna light the sky,” she has us magically dancing along and feeling perfectly happy with who we are.


Despite her massive success and meteoric rise to popularity, Grace has remained totally grounded and grateful (which of course makes us adore her even more).

She’s a judges favorite, having earned Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer on her initial audition. He (like all of us) continues to root for her every week.

We can’t wait to see what else this incredible singer/songwriter/superstar has in store for us. Until then, we’ll be listening to “Light the Sky” on repeat and repeating the using the lyrics, “Yeah, I think we were born to shine” as our life mantra.