grace v
Credit: America's Got Talent/YouTube

“America’s Got Talent” has certainly brought us some tear-inducing moments and introduced some incredible talent into the world. And Grace VanderWaal embodies both of those wonderful gifts the show brings us every time she steps onstage to sing. During this season’s finale, the beloved young singer and songwriter once again stole our hearts by singing another original song.

Her beautiful song, “Clay” tells a message about persevering through hardship and people trying to tear you down that speaks directly to our souls.

Her lyrics in the song are so simple yet so incredibly moving, it’s hard to believe that they were written by a 12-year-old girl.

So beautiful.

She belted out her song powerfully with so much meaning behind each of the inspirational lyrics, it’s hard to watch the video and keep a dry eye. The crowd swayed along with their cellphone lights, clearly feeling the refreshing original music this impressive young girl was performing.

Credit: NBC/giphy

No matter what the outcome of the final votes, we’re positive we’ll be seeing (and hearing) a lot more of this incredibly talented young lady in the future.