Dasha Fayvinova
April 01, 2017 10:23 am

Given that Google is known for its brainy staff, you wouldn’t think they’ve got jokes. Turns out that assumption was wrong. The search engine company is showing us their funny side with Google’s new Pet App. Although it is probably an April Fool’s joke, we want it to be real so bad.

Their first hilarious joke centers around the love our furry friends have for technology. Google introduced a new category of apps and games designed specifically for our pets. Because pets are basically humans anyway, they need to be entertained. The category is called Google Play for Pets, and cats everywhere are rejoicing.

 You can check out Google’s new Pet App in the Play Store for yourself. And even though this might just a prank, we cannot help but wish this truly existed.

Then, Google delivered a second April Fool’s joke.

Obviously, Google doesn’t do anything halfway. Not only did they design a brand new category of games for your pets to enjoy on your devices, they also temporarily updated their search engine. Instead of the usual “I’m Feeling Lucky” feature, you will now be able to check out “I’m Feeling Meow” or “I’m Feeling Woof.”

Basically, your pets will now have photos specifically designed for their enjoyment pop up. Lots of food and toys they can drool over daily. According to a statement from the company:

But Google isn’t done yet…

Guess April Fool’s is the special day that the Google employees get to flex their comedic muscles. Pets aren’t the only ones getting the funny treatment. A new feature that lets you play Ms. PacMan on Google Maps — right along your favorite streets. If these are just some of the April Fool’s jokes the company has in store this year, we cannot wait to see what they’ll do to top themselves next year.