Jill Layton
Updated Mar 31, 2017 @ 12:24 pm
google pac man copy
Credit: Google / https://blog.google/products/maps/introducing-ms-pac-maps/

For two years now, Google has given the world a fully playable version of Pac-Manon its Maps app for April Fools. Since this year is the year of strong-ass women, Google Maps has launched an April Fools’ Ms. Pac-Man feature.

Because if you’re going to embrace the jokiest day of the year, you might as well have some arcade fun while doing it.

The Google Maps street view has been turned into a Ms. Pac-Man level, making the trip to wherever it is you’re going way more fun. The game is available on Maps for iOS, Android, and desktop.

Playing is super easy and just as fun. All you need to do is pull up Google Maps, and Ms. Pac-Man will be there waiting for you.

First, type the address of where you want to go under the Directions tab.

Credit: Google

Then, click on the little square at the bottom of the screen that shows the Ms. Pac-man icon.

Your map will then be transformed into the Ms. Pac-Man grid where the goal is to consume ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Sue until you’ve managed to eat all the dots. But we won’t insult you — you already know the rules of the game.

Credit: Google

Navigating is simple — move left, right, up, and down by using the arrow keys. You’ll have five lives to get where you’re going IRL.

Credit: Google

The game is meant to be a fun addition to April Fools’ Day/week. It’s pretty refreshing to see a company using the April Fools’ opportunity to give us something we can actually get some enjoyment out of, rather than a “got ya” type of joke.

So excuse us while we map out our destination.