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Happy Goof Off Day, everyone! Today is the perfect day to get crazy and loosen up. We spend so much time being stressed, whether it’s at the office, in school, at home or in traffic. So today is the day to forget your problems and just laugh a little. Call in sick to work, or if you’re already there, find an excuse to leave, because today is your day to let loose and have fun.

Trying to find a great way to celebrate? Well, you’re in luck. I’ve created a handy dandy list of 5 ways to goof off today, whether you’re in the office or free to roam about.

1. Play a prank on close friends.

If you’re trapped behind a desk today, take this opportunity to spread laughter amongst your family, roommates and coworkers. My favorite prank was taught to me by my father and can be accomplished via email in any state. Here’s what you do: look up the number for your local zoo. Copy and paste that into an email. Then address your email: Hey (friend’s name). A Mr. Lyon was looking for you. Said he can be reached at (Zoo’s phone number). Then I usually add something more personal to make it convincing. If it was for my parents, I would say the financial aid office at school was calling about a billing mix-up, etc. You get the drift. It’s silly and innocent and something you can pass along.

2. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching!

I’m sure you’ve seen HG’s girl Angela Trimbur take the most public of spaces with sick dance routines. If you haven’t, check them out and take notes! She looks likes she is having a blast. So today, Dance Like Nobody’s Watching! Maybe you’re like, “No way, Tor. Are you nuts?” And I get you; don’t worry. But today is a special day. So maybe you don’t need to dance in the airport or the laundromat or even the mall, but why not in your car with all the windows down?

3. Create a new identity.

This might sound a bit complex, but it doesn’t have to be. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is make up a new identity for the airplane. I decide ahead of time this epic story about my life and if ever I’m asked a question by the nosy couple next to me, I just go with it. Today, why not try being someone totally different? This could be as simple as giving the name you always wanted at Starbucks instead of your own. Wear the outfit you always wished you could pull off. Maybe even add a wig to the mix! Or to really go full force: introduce yourself to strangers as your new persona and live the dream for a day!

4. Do not disturb!

Utilize the function that Apple is so proud of and turn your phone on ‘Do not disturb’. As terrifying as it might be, try to spend the entire day out of touch. Ignore all those pesky emails and texts vying for your attention and take the time to do you. Okay, okay, I get it! You have a job or kids or a dog or something. Maybe you can’t afford an entire day off the grid. But try doing it for even an hour. Turn off your cell, forget your worries and just get lost doing absolutely nothing!

5. Do your favorite things.

Forget your diet, forget your rules, forget your budget. Live today like you wish you could live every single day. Indulge in your favorite snacks, you favorite guilty pleasure or favorite hobby. Go to the mall and treat yourself to a shopping spree or eat at that new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try. Play hooky from those plans and spend the day in the spa or getting a blow out. It could be as simple as spending an hour surfing YouTube for cute pet videos! So spend one day indulging in your favorites every second of the day and encouraging others to do the same.

Whatever your day looks like, make the time to goof off, even if it’s taking a walk around your office building for five minutes! Try to find time to let loose and laugh, to enjoy the little things in your day and remember not to take yourself so seriously!

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