Kit Steinkellner
January 11, 2015 10:47 am

Get out your prom dresses and plastic champagne flutes, ladies, awards season is here. The Golden Globes are happening LIKE THIS SECOND. So to help you get prepped for THE FANCIEST OF NIGHTS (or at least as fancy as it’s going to get until the Oscars hit on Feb 22nd) here are some Golden Globes predictions and personal feelings. Who’s going to (probably) win, what are the possible upsets to look for, what’s the FILM I WAS SO OBSESSED WITH that isn’t going to win b/c life is hard/cold/cruel/unfair, etc. It’s all here, folks.

Best Picture- Drama:

Look, Boyhood probably has this one in the bag, but Selma or Imitation Game could pull ahead at the last second.

Best Picture- Comedy or Musical:

Again, this game is Birdman’s to lose, but if it did lose it would be to Into The Woods (AKA the best movie musical since the 1960’s) or The Grand Budapest Hotel in which director Wes Anderson is so Andersonian it borders on the ridiculous/amazing.

The film that no one saw in this category that I am OBSESSED WITH is Pride, it takes place in the mid-80’s in Thatcherite England and is about an LGBT group that befriends a mining town on strike and it is the most I have laughed/cried/smiled-til-my-cheeks-were-like-“Stop it, that HURTS!” in years. Seriously. This is the one to VOD. It’s not going to win a Golden Globe. But it won my heart forever and evermore.

Best Actress-Drama:

Julianne Moore might deservedly win for Still Alice but Jennifer Aniston is getting “You’ve NEVER seen Aniston like this” raves for “Cake.” And REESE, my perfect and peerless REESE, she might not going to win for Wild but she SHOULD, her turn as Cheryl Strayed basically reminded me why I even LIKE movies.

Best Actor- Drama:

Eddie Redmayne playing Stephen Hawking is about as awards-bait-y as a performance gets, but if there’s another actor that can make this happen, it’s David Oyelowo turn as MLK Jr.

Best Actress-Musical or Comedy:

You guys, I really think Emily Blunt can make this happen and she’s SO WORTHY in her turn as The Baker’s Wife in “Into The Woods.” But we could absolutely see Amy Adams walk up to the stage and snap up the statue for “Big Eyes.”

Best Actor- Musical or Comedy:

Michael Keaton’s a lock for this award, it’s so certain it’s basically like the Fates from Greek Mythology predicted it. If there was going to be an upset, it would be Ralph Fiennes in The Grand Budapest Hotel. But there’s not going to be an upset. Sorry, Rayfers, better luck next Wes Anderson movie.

(Quick note- The acting noms this year are OUT OF CONTROL. I don’t even know HOW the Hollywood Foreign Press decides the winners. If it were me, I would just say “5-way tie, 5-way tie!” for every category.)

Best Animated Film:

Lego Movie. Boom, done, moving on.

Best Supporting Actress- Motion Picture:

My bet is Meryl is going to take this category at the Globes for Into The Woods, and Patricia Arquette is going to make it happen at the Oscars for Boyhood. But it’s totally possible Arquette could go two for two.

Best Supporting Actor- Motion Picture:

Again, every actor in this category is great (movie acting was en FUEGO this year) but how is this not going to be J.K. Simmons for Whiplash? If I was a gambling kind of girl, that’s where I’d place my Vegas bet.

Best Director- Motion Picture:

I want Ava DuVernay to win for Selma, I so want this to happen, but I have a feeling it’s going to go to Richard Linklater for Boyhood. Which will be a wonderfully deserved win. But seriously, you guys, I am Team DuVernay way more than I was EVER Team Jacob or Team Peeta.

Best TV Show- Drama:

The Good Wife has NEVER won best series and it has deserved that win EVERY SEASON. Make this right, Foreign Press, make this right on Sunday night (is what I will be chanting with my “GOOD WIFE IS LIFE” picket sign until they nab their award).

Best TV Show- Comedy Or Musical:

Jane The Virgin was the breakout network hit, but Transparent is the first show Amazon’s done that proves it could be the new Netflix (which is the new HBO). My head says Jane, my heart says Transparent, we’ll see how it goes down.

Best Actress In A TV Series- Drama:

I love The Good Wife with the fire of a thousand suns, but Julianna Marguiles has already won in this category, and besides, the winner this year really needs to be Viola Davis’ splashy turn in How To Get Away With Murder. I just want Davis and DuVernay to win their categories and have this Golden Globes be all about how the women of color in Hollywood are off the charts amazing.

Best Actor In A TV Series- Drama:

Now that Bryan Cranston isn’t around to win for Breaking Bad, the playing field is wide open. I’m going to guess that Kevin Spacey is going to get this done for House of Cards. Robin Wright won last year, they should have matching trophies!

Best Actress In A TV Series- Comedy Or Musical:

It’s going to be Gina Rodriguez for Jane The Virgin, right? She’s the most charming person in the history of western civilization. It’s her, you guys, it’s her, I got this one.

Best Actor In A TV Series- Comedy Or Music:

Jeffrey Tambor for Transparent, there are no dark horses in this race, the other actors are great, but it’s a waste of time to prep a speech for this category unless you are Tambor the Magnificent.

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