Credit: YouTube/Playbill Video

For obvious reasons, we have a soft spot for The Golden Girls. We also have unwavering affection for puppets (hello muppets!), which is why this Golden Girls puppet parody is our EVERYTHING!

Seriously, The Golden Girls Show is a real thing directed by Jonathan Rockefeller (who produced The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show – meaning he’s an awesome human), and it’s opening next week off-Broadway.

If this description on the website isn’t enough to seal the deal, we don’t know what is:

Talking to The Huffington Post, Rockefeller highlighted the ways in which the series was progressive, and it seems like his puppet parody simply piggy-backs off the issues already there.

He also talked about how the show portrayed older women in a positive light (one of the reasons why we love it so dearly). “[It showed that] women of a certain age could be sexy and could have wonderful lives, and did it in a humorous, fun and loving way.”

Ready to see the opening sequence, with humorous and fun loving puppets?

We’re on board! No brainer. SO MUCH YESSSSSSSSSS.