Marissa Higgins
September 02, 2016 3:13 pm

We’ve all been there: You have the perfect, most delectable treat on the planet. Of course, before you can actually take your first bite, you need to get the right angle and the right light for your Instagram shot. Because what else is beautiful porn, if not food porn? While sometimes these moments lead to temporary Insta-fame, they can also lead to disaster. Case in point, this girl’s Instagram shot that was savagely ruined by a seagull when she was Brighton Beach in Essex, England. Thanks to Buzzfeed, we can now witness the tragedy for ourselves.

It all started out like normal. A lovely ice cream cone on a sunny afternoon at the beach…

And then all of a sudden, the seagull you see in the background of the first shot, comes a little too close and…

That’s right: The seagull straight up destroyed her ice cream. I guess this is what our parents warned us about when they told us not to play with our food before eating it, right? As Instagrammer Tara Dalntara tells to Buzzfeed“I was shocked and stunned and a bit angry because I really love to eat ice cream.I almost eat it every day.” We hear you, Tara, we hear you.