Rosemary Donahue
June 15, 2016 6:36 am
Chelsey Bunner / Twitter

Seeing Beyoncé is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and like many Beyoncé fans, 16-year-old Chelsey Bunner wouldn’t let anything stop her from the experience — even getting her wisdom teeth out. Chelsey had spent good money on those tickets, and surgery or not, she was determined to rally and see Beyoncé belt it out with a friend.

The thing is, anesthesia, surgery, and the aftermath all affect everyone differently, so it’s kind of a gamble. Some people are fine after getting their wisdom teeth out — they can go about their daily lives the next day with minor soreness and puffiness in the cheeks (you know, that typical chipmunk thing — it’s actually kind of cute), and other people really need to take a few days off from daily activities. Unfortunately, it turned out that Chelsey happened to be in the latter category. Just after the surgery, she started feeling a lot of pain, even though she’d hoped to be better in time for the concert.

However, because it was Beyoncé, she decided to put some ice packs on her face, arm herself with a good attitude, some pain medication, and a fun, handmade sign.

Chelsey Bunner

She Snapchatted this photo of herself changing her ice pack in the middle of the show, and seemed to have an amazing attitude about the whole thing.

Chelsey Bunner

We’re so glad she had such a good time, and we hope that the next time Beyoncé comes to town, Chelsey is in full health!