Rachel Paige
Updated June 03, 2016
Warner Bros.

Here’s your daily dose of Gilmore Girls news to freak out over, and you might actually freak out over this one. The show might not premiere on Netflix in 2016.

BEFORE YOU START OVERTURNING TABLES AT LUKE’S DINNER, take a deep breath. It still could, and probably will, premiere before the end of the year. However, there are a few tiny things that don’t add up right now, and Netflix, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do.

The Gilmore Girls revival has a title and now a beautiful landing page on the Netflix streaming site. However, there’s still no official, 100% confirmed release date. Trust me, I’ve looked. And in this looking, I’ve spent lots of time hanging out on the Netflix Media Center website. It’s the hub of all things Netflix, and it’s got a list of all their current and upcoming original titles, along with release dates. Like so:


The Netflix Originals with confirmed release dates go up to November 4th of this year, and then the rest fall under just the larger ~sometime in 2016~. Some titles have even been scheduled for ~sometime in 2017~.


This brings us to where Gilmore Girls is listed on Netflix. It doesn’t say 2016 — even though it feels like we’ve been told a thousand times the four new episodes will drop this year. It doesn’t even say 2017. It just says, “Upcoming.”

Netflix, HelloGiggles

THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. Because if Gilmore Girls were to be released this year, which we’ve been led to believe, it wouldn’t say “upcoming,” it’d say, “2016” — even without a confirmed official date. The fact that the site lists it as “UPCOMING” suggests that it’s not 1000000% certain that A Year in the Life will happen in the next 211 days. Whatever this ~UPCOMING~ means, we do not like it.

On the other hand, Netflix might be trying to pull a Beyoncé, and will just drop all four A Year in the Life episodes on us as a total SURPRISE. That’d be cool.

But also we really need to know when Gilmore Girls premieres, and we needed to know yesterday.