Rachel Paige
July 14, 2016 4:40 pm
Steve Sands/Getty Images
Steve Sands/Getty Images

Who’s ready to see Super Power Dare Die Team this weekend???

Oh, sorry, you probably know this movie as Ghostbusterswhich opens tomorrow in U.S. theaters. We’re super stoked for this lady-powered reboot/remake of the 80s classic, and are excited to laugh along with the hilarious leads, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones.

While we might be laughing, audiences in China will not.

Unfortunately, the movie probably won’t be released overseas in the world’s #2 film market (the U.S. is #1). Why? China has very strict guidelines when it comes to topics discussed in movies, and there’s one censorship ban that prohibits movies depicting “promote cults or superstition.” Ghosts fall under “superstition,” naturally and a movie with the word GHOST literally in the title is a hard sell.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ghostbusters was actually renamed in hopes of snagging a release in China. Can you even imagine buying a ticket to a movie called, “Super Power Dare Die Team?” That’s, uh, a very odd choice, but okay. But TBH, we’d totally see anything called “Super Power Dare Die Team” if Wiig and McCarthy are on the posters.

The OG Ghostbusters was released in China back in 1984 under the name, “Ghost Catcher Dare Die Team,” but it looks like the sequel won’t be as lucky. The Hollywood Reporter talked to a few Chinese executives who speculated that many over there hadn’t see the first Ghostbusters, let alone the second, so probably wouldn’t care about a reboot, anyway.

That’s okay. We’ll care about the Girl Power Ghostbusters enough for the whole wide WORLD if we have to.