Shaunna Murphy
Updated January 16, 2017 9:46 am
Mark Thompson/Getty Images

If you’re going to have your friends throw you a baby shower, who better to have on the guest list than actual Baby Spice?

We’ll almost definitely never know, but you can surely ask Geri Halliwell, as Emma Bunton attended her baby shower on Sunday, January 15th, to the delight of Spice Girls fans everywhere.

Halliwell, who married the Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team (say that ten times fast), Christian Horner, in 2015, is currently expecting her second child at the age of 44. She’s also still very close with Bunton, a mother of two sons, so it makes perfect sense that the artist formerly known as Baby showed up to the festivities; posting for photos directly next to her friend of over 20 years.

And in case that wasn’t enough ’90s nostalgia for you, know that Melanie Chisholm, aka Sporty Spice, left a freaking comment.

“Hope you had a wonderful afternoon,” “Mel C” wrote to fans’ glee.

Now, lest you are concerned that Halliwell-Horner’s growing baby bump means bad news for the recently announced Spice Girls reunion project (which, sadly, does not include Chisholm or Victoria Beckham, who declined), know that Ginger is very committed to recording new material. What the Girls are planning to do as a group remains a mystery (though Mel B. did tell James Corden a tour was on the horizon…), but Halliwell herself has been very open about the fact that she’s back in the studio working on her fourth solo album.

In fact, she was there after her shower Sunday night, commemorating the moment with a photo and a “workingmums” hashtag.

As Halliwell-Horner does her best to be a “working mum” who “has it all” (like that’s possible, vom), it must be a comfort to know she’ll always have her friend Baby by her side. The two have gotten noticeably closer in recent years, with Bunton even presenting Horner with the “Honourary Gay Award” at the 2016 Attitude Awards back in October.

Viva this friendship forever.