There’s a new George RR Martin pilot in the works

Brace yourselves, a new George. R. R. Martin TV show could be coming.

While there’s certainly talk of a possible Game of Thrones spin-off further on down the road, Martin’s next TV venture would have nothing to do with that. It’d be on a completely different network, about a completely different set of characters, and we’re going to trade White Walkers for werewolves. Sign us up.

Over the weekend, Martin posted to his blog that he’s signed a deal with Cinemax to bring his short novella, Skin Trade, to the small screen. The story was first published back in the late ’80s, and follows the story of a debt collector and his private investigator friend who are in the middle of trying to solve a murder. The twist is that the debt collector, Willie Flambeaux, also happens howl at the moon from time to time, because he’s a werewolf. Martin himself describes the story as an ” offbeat werewolf noir.”

“I have always thought there was a TV series (or maybe a feature film) in Willie Flambeaux and [his friend] Randi Wade,” Martin wrote on his blog. He also had the opportunity to hand-pick the writer to adapt the novella for TV, and went with Once Upon A Time‘s Kalinda Vazquez because her, “take on the story and the characters blew me away. She loves the story and the world, and really seems to get Willie and Randi.”

And if you’re wondering if there’s any chance Martin would step in to help with the show, whether writing it or running it, he’s kinda busy at the moment, cheekily reminding us, “I have this book to finish. You know the one.”

The first script for Skin Trade has been ordered, and if Cinemax likes it — and like, how could they not like it — it’ll get a pilot episode, and from there a series, and AFTER THAT we’ll get ourselves a brand new Martin TV show to obsess over for YEARS. Sounds like a great plan. And maybe in this show our favorite characters won’t die every other episode!

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