Kit Steinkellner
Updated Apr 18, 2015 @ 9:04 am

We’re all getting excited for the new Star Wars movie now that the amaze trailer is out, and while we’re waiting for The Force to unleash its awesomeness in December, our good friend Stephen Colbert took it upon himself to interview George Lucas at the Tribeca Film Festival and, as Uproxx reports, got ALL the fun facts out of the legendary genius. Here are a few of our favorite anecdotes from the interview:

Lucas doesn’t think dialogue is important

Even though Leia/Han’s “I love you” “I know” is one of the greatest back-and-forths in cinematic history, Lucas went on record in the interview saying he doesn’t think dialogue is important. He’s much more interested in movement and sound, hence the legendary light saber fights and the Star Wars theme being one of the greatest songs of all time.

Lucas is all about making movies for kids

In the interview, Lucas recounts a conversation with Stephen Spielberg in which Spielberg was talking about trying to get a sequel to “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” made and it was rough going because the studio was iffy about making a kid’s movie. In response to this, Lucas screamed “Star Wars is a children’s film! Those are the ones that make the money! Wake up!” (P.S. Spielberg won out, and that “sequel” ended up becoming “E.T.”)

Lucas made his classic “American Graffiti” on a dare

Francis Ford Coppola, of “Godfather” fame, told Lucas he was tired of his “robot” movies and wanted to see Lucas make a comedy. And the rest is (film) history.

George Lucas never wanted to be a filmmaker

He wanted to be a RACE CAR DRIVER. But he got into a horrible car accident early on, which, as he tells it, quite literally “knocked some sense” into him.

George Lucas has a big regret about the first six “Star Wars” movies

He was too busy DIRECTING all of them to actually enjoy them as movies. That’s why he’s so excited to basically just be an audience member for “The Force Awakens”

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