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So we’re gonna go out on a limb here and say that most of us don’t typically get excited over health insurance commercials. Sure, they’re important. But funny? Creative? Shareable? Jury says not so much. Which is why we’re MAJORLY impressed with Cigna’s new hilarious ad campaign (shout out to Entertainment Weekly for bringing this to our attention!).

What makes it so great, you ask?

Because they hired all of your favorite TV doctors to be in the commercial, all in one place, and it’s freaking amazing.

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We’ve got Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy, Donald Faisonfrom Scrubs, Lisa Edelstein from House, Noah Wylie from ER, and — perhaps most amazing of all — the incomparable Alan Alda of M*A*S*H fame. And better yet, they’re all totally making fun of themselves.

Take a look: false

That’s right, as Patrick Dempsey and Noah Wylie say, “We are the TV Doctors of America, and we’re partnering with Cigna to help save lives.” Oh, and let’s not forget the very end of the ad when Alda tells everyone to strike their “doctor poses,” at which point Dempsey struggles to hit his mark.

Seriously genius, Cigna.

And according to Dempsey, it didn’t take much to convince him to slip back into a doctor’s coat — especially when he found out the legendary Alda would be on board.

We’re so glad he did. And we also seriously hope that this ups the game for commercials everywhere — because we want more.