Alim Kheraj
Updated Nov 23, 2016 @ 1:33 am

Given that Winter has come both here and in Westeros, we’ve been thinking a lot about Game of Thrones season seven. More specifically, we’ve been wondering whether Bran is going to cause more trouble in the show’s upcoming season.

However, this Game of Thrones star wants us to leave Bran alone, thank you very much.

Now, it’s safe to say that Brandon Stark has had his fair share of hate from fans of the show. In fact, even Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran, wasn’t impressed with what happened to Hodor.

Yet Ellie Kendrick, who plays the fierce Meera Reed, has come to the defence of her travelling companion Bran, and tbh we kind get what she’s saying.

Speaking at a HBO fan event in New York for the launch of the season six DVD boxset, Ellie told MTV News that despite everything her character has been through to support Bran’s mission, she’s still a fan of the Stark child.

Ellie went on to say that she does actually pull Bran around in the show, and that, due to Isaac’s growing height, it can be a bit tricky. In fact, she revealed, they had to a build a fake Bran for wide angled shots.

It’s unclear where Bran and Meera will be headed in the seventh season of Game of Thrones. It’s entire possible that the pair will head south again to re-join the slowly reforming Stark family, especially given Bran’s knowledge about Jon Snow’s heritage.

Game of Thrones returns next year to HBO.