Jennifer Still
Updated Mar 05, 2014 @ 9:37 am

Game of Thrones is a wonderfully smart, dramatic HBO series with no shortage of fans, and certainly no need to attempt to engage a younger fanbase since they seem to have every age group covered. However, someone at the network clearly believes we need to reach across the aisle to a more… urban (??) audience, as they’ve hired a bunch of rappers and Latin music artists to compile a mixtape – yes, that’s right, a MIXTAPE – to go along with the show.

The Wall Street Journal revealed that Big Boi, Common, Wale, Bodega Bamz, and Daddy Yankee (among others) have all signed on to take part in Catch the Throne, which is clever, you must admit. Here’s a sample of one of Wale’s lyrics:

BAHAHA! That’s hilarious. And that’s just a taste of what the 10-track mixtape, due for release by HBO on Friday, has to offer. Aren’t you excited?

As for why in the world this is even a thing, HBO’s senior vice president for multicultural marketing (which I can’t believe is even a thing) explained, “Our multicultural audiences are a very important part of our subscribers, and we don’t want to take them for granted.” Well, okay.

HBO won’t say how much this whole thing cost them, but something tells me it was more than just their dignity.