Crystal Ro
May 19, 2016 3:32 pm
@enyri1014 / @bookadoodles / Instagram

1. Set the tone for your rivals guests with “pink letter” scroll invitations. 

2. Or some very royal-looking ~traditional~ invitations. 

3. Represent all the houses at your reception with bold banners.

4. Lay a spread of fine meats and cheeses worthy of a royal banquet.

5. As well as a dessert table fit for a king…

6. …or Khaleesi.

7. Stamp the simplest of desserts with your favorite house sigil.

8. Or make a ~little joke~ with your sweets.

9. And be sure to let your guests know the lay of the land…

10. …and which kingdom they’ll officially be seated at.

11. Mark their territory properly with a small house banner.

12. Adorn the tables with Daenerys-worthy dragon eggs.

13. Or lavishly paint them in gold and silver to make them extra ~fancy~.

14. And bequeath your guests with gift bags full of (chocolate) gold coins.

15. Top your cake with your favorite characters.

16. Or a couple of beautiful dragons.

17. You can even keep things simple with some house banner cupcakes.

18. Wear a Daenerys-inspired gown to walk down the aisle in.

19. Craft a custom Iron Throne…

20. …for you and your S.O. to rule from, of course.

21. And finally, don a couple of (faux) fur shrugs to keep warm.

Because it’s your day (moon of my life)!