Ashley Rey
Updated Feb 19, 2017 @ 9:59 am
Credit: HBO

It’s taken some time, but footage of the Game of Thrones live concert has become available, and it looks awesome! The concert experience kicks off this Monday in Minneapolis, and by the looks of things, show-goers will be in for quite a treat.

The Live Nation team released the behind-the-scenes look earlier this week for fans to completely fawn over. Three years of construction led to the building of seven custom stages, the syncing of over 200 lighting fixtures, and over 800 linear feet of video wall. And fans will definitely feel like they’re immersed in the Game of Thrones culture.

The live footage also says that over 12 barrels of liquid wildfire will be released per show!

We need tickets. Now.

The show’s composer Ramin Djawadi spoke with the Chicago Tribune about the ins and outs of the concert, answering some of our lingering questions. For one, cast members aren’t a part of the concert, but a few may make little cameo appearances on the road. And Djawadi had this to say about giving teasers for the upcoming season:

So, there you have it! We shouldn’t expect to see any season seven previews. But that doesn’t discount our excitement for the live event.