Anna Gragert
July 21, 2016 4:03 pm
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When watching Ser Davos on Game of Thrones, not once did we think, “Hey, I bet this man acted in A Little Princess.” But alas – it’s surprisingly true, and Cosmo was the one to spot this. Back in 1995, the actor Liam Cunningham helped drive the plot of A Little Princess forward by playing Sara’s papa Captain Crewe.

Here’s what he looked like then:

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And here’s what Liam looks like now, in the world of Game of Thrones as Ser Davos Seaworth:


A side-by-side that may shock you:

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What’s perhaps even more mind-blowing is that Ser Davos and Captain Crewe have a bit in common. Specifically, both men have gone to battle. Crewe fought in the Boer War (which is why Sara was sent off to boarding school) and Davos is a knight who is currently fighting on the side of House Stark.

As for Liam himself, though he’s perhaps best-known for his Game of Thrones role, the actor has starred in many, many other productions. You may recognize him from Clash of the Titans (2010) or from his brief stint (also as a captain) on Doctor Who (2013). Then again, Liam shares a BAFTA with Michael Fassbender for their work in the short film Pitch Black Heist (2011) – so maybe you recognize him from that.

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