jon snow2

If you haven’t noticed, the Internet has been a-buzz with fan theories lately. From Harry Potter to Donnie Darko to Toy Story to Parks and Rec, fans have been coming up with insane (but, often, very plausible) theories that delve beyond the fantasy worlds the creators have given us and provide explanations for the ridiculously long list of questions we all have about our fave stories. It’s pretty easy to dig yourself into a fandom hole after all of the mind-bending what-ifs on the web.

But now, Mashable‘s “resident theorist,” Kyle, has come up with the theory to end all theories — this time, involving Game of Thrones. In a three-minute long video clip, Kyle tackled the issue of Jon Snow’s parents and who they *really* are. It’s a theory we’re quite confident has never before been considered.

Kyle started the video by noting that Ned Stark probably wasn’t Jon’s real dad, highlighting that many have considered Jon to be the child of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen, or even of Robert Baratheon. But Kyle knows who it is. . . and it’s pretty personal.

Seriously, you guys, don’t expect to have your mind blown in the regular fan theory way. No this is more like a mind-blowing parody of fan theories. And we’re not surprised. After all, these are the same folks who brought us this satirical collection of Star Wars fan theories.

Thanks, Kyle, for making us giggle. Watch the entire video below.

(Images via Mashable, HBO.)