Mayday, mayday! There has been a delay in the Game of Thrones filming schedule. We repeat: there has been a slight delay in the GoT filming schedule.

Earlier this week, cast and crew members were supposed to start filming scenes in Corbet, Northern Ireland – but things didn’t work out exactly as planned. To create Riverrun, the bastion of House Tully, set designers had to build a very large castle-drawbridge combo and locals were less than happy. Specifically, County Down residents did not want this regal addition to be set up in the middle of their small town.

Due to their objections, community authorities want to make sure that the castle fulfills all the specifications that were submitted in the original planning application. Essentially, this means that filming could not begin on time because inspectors have to make sure that no corners were cut.

Luckily, it seems that these difficulties are currently being resolved. According to Watchers on the Wall, things are looking up because the GoT crew is now allowed to continue operating as planned while the concerns are looked into. So, rather than a huge, life-ruining delay, this problem has now become only a slight delay.

Thanks to the visible trout insignia that adorns the front of the fortress’ entryway, fans already know that this is most-likely the location of Riverrun. That’s why this news is especially devastating for devoted Game of Thrones supporters, since House Tully will play a significant role in the next season.

Next Tuesday, the castle’s inspection will begin, so (hopefully) they won’t run into any more issues as the GoT production crew continues on with their mission. Aside from this building-related setback, everything else seems to be running smoothly. Crews in both Spain and Croatia are still doing what needs to be done, so that’s the good news that helps to outweigh the initial bad news we reported.

As for right now, Game of Thrones’ sixth season should arrive – in all its glory – next year. *crosses fingers and toes*

[Images via Twitter and HBO]